Big Chested FAQ’s

I figured that I would create this page, Big Chested FAQs, due to all of the many different types of questions that I’ve gotten over the years in regards to this Visual Busty Fetish Directory.  So here we go with the most common ones.  Learn something new or satisfy your curiosity.

What is this exactly?

This is a visual busty fetish directory.  Meaning that instead of banners or texts and going from site to site, wasting time, why not build something that I could just check out the best pics from the busty sites or pages of the models I’m interested in with whatever particular niche I want to surf.  Find what and who I want faster, everyone wins.  Also there has never really been a “home” for this niche for years.  We are proud to fully represent this niche.

The beauty and ease of surfing on this visual busty directory is an homage to the busty niche and community!  I love it so much!  I love Love LOVE big to massive areolas, to me it is the true representation of power, just like vein structure.  I love it!  These women who sell their tits mean so much to me, because generally, they have a much more informed approach to the discipline and they are working their asses off each and every day.  This is an homage to them and the wares that they sell..

What type of busty fetishist are you?

I like everything from tight fitting clothes covering a set of huge tits to big to massive areolas, vein structure, ahhh I love a woman with big thick veins, providing blood to areolas and the breast as a whole.  Like the exhaust of a classic muscle car.  I think that lesbian breastfeeding is fucking beautiful!

I love this, how can I contribute?

I also own Jugg Models and buying a subscription, you help your community and also get exclusive naturally busty models and lesbian breast worship and breast milk drinking movies.  And I can continue to slam energy drinks every day as I index the net, everyone wins.

How do you determine breast cup size?

Honestly?  I “eyeball” it.  If I’m on the fence about a model, I’ll go look her up or try to find relevant information about her so I can correctly categorize her.

I'm a Busty Model, why is my site here?

I thought that you were a “step up” from the rest of the niche that you are a part of.  Someone who deserved to be recognized for your hard work, day in and day out.  I really know how it feels..  The traffic is free and it’s for life.  If you’d like to add any promotional content or have your only fans, patreon, centro or avn page showcased on our tube, please drop us a line and we’d love to help get you out there even more!  If you don’t want traffic from us, hit DMCA in the footer and get yourself removed.

Why can't I download shit?

Because we don’t have permission, other than “fair use” when it comes from rebroadcasting them.  And I get it.  Too much free content and past abuses by other webmasters I’m sure.  You notice that I link back directly to the content creator or affiliate program’s webpage.  Well, that’s a little bit of it too.

Who is this "Goddess" you speak of?

Below is the Hinduistic depiction of woman at her perfect state.  I’m a Christian, there definitely is a God up there, imho and I’m really grateful for that, ya know.  A dash of Hindu Shakti and Tao also thrown in for good measure. 🙂

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