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Welcome to my Hot Chested Models Changelog.  Here, you will be able to see what I’ve been up to and experience this place being built.  Our online Busty network of Big Tit Directories is vast.  We will not stop until we’ve indexed all of the big tit baes on the net.

Summer 2021 / September 9 – Cool, so finishing up this weeks update and finishing the version update.  I’m changing things around, i’ll be back, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library at some point in the fall.  I really want to catch some other things up that are going to take a much shorter amount of time.  So when I do get back to doing that, I can really do it right.

Summer 2021 / September 7 – Ok I’m back 😉 please stand by…

Summer 2021 / September 5 – Ok 14 hours reindexing today and I am burnt the fuck out.  Taking a break and throwing up some new walls on my other directories.  I’ll be back here, mid week to finish the url swaps and new buttons AND i’ll be updating content creators as well.  I’m like 60% done with this, btw.

Summer 2021 / September 4Home on a Saturday. night too huh?  Just over 25% re indexed, whew.  About to take a fallout 4 break.  I love settlement building.  especially stoned out of my mind.  I like this new GUI, don’t you?  We’re gonna try it out, see what happens.  Um, in a perfect world, I’d have 30 images and histories of each model.  So while I’m doing this update, post by post if they need more promotional content, I’m getting it for them.  That’s about it.

Summer 2021 / September 1Hey all, been busy, doing to my other directories, what I’m about to do with this one.  Ok, redesigning the buttons for all content creators, because I’m an anal fuck like that.  Also because adult model platforms can’t really be trusted nowadays, I’m also relinking all busty content creators with their link tree’s, preferably.  On the other hand, most of these busty models just love showing off and don’t have OF, Patreon, etc.  So I expect to have this done by this evening.  Yes this is a version update as well, since I’ve never went through this resorting stuff since I built this busty visual directory.  A new ratings system will also be in place by Sunday, please use it!  It will serve many purposes to dial up more of what you’re looking for.  Lastly, the Popular Models side bar has been changed.  It’s more efficient, not as pretty, but much faster.  With almost 500 busty sites indexed, it’s gonna take a minute to do all of this.  I hope to be done by Monday though, God willing.

Summer 2021 / August 21 – So the Classic Busty Models library, part one, going alphabetically, A – d is complete.  Starting on E – i like, right now, no way I’m getting that done before Monday, but I hope to knock a big chunk of it out, at least.  I’ll be back here, every other week, for a full week until this ridiculously huge classic busty library is complete ;). Navigation, btw is right below the video.

Summer 2021 / August 19 – I’m just so happy that I decided to take this “one week on, one week off” schedule.  You people have no idea how the fact that my “Classic Busty” library has languished for years, has just really affected me.  And to be able to do it now, is just so important to me.  I love this niche so much.. obviously, haha.  These classic busty models are the source, where it all started and they had the balls to show it all off.  I love them.

I always wanted a proper shrine online of these busty pioneers.  Not that Big Chested Models is the “be all end all”, but I just feel so grateful I get to do this.  Do I spend 16 hours a day on my concepts?  Yes, Do most of you think that I’m just nuts at this point? Probably.  Just do me a favor, check out the new “Classic Busty Actresses” library and tell me what you think?  These libraries were also designed to be viewed on desktop, if you want the full effect.  Mobile is fine and I know that a crapload of you surf me on mobile, but I love how it looks on desktop.  Does it do this niche justice?  Does it suck?  I can only be better if you make me better, but I hope as fellow busty fetishists, you approve of what I’m trying to create here.

Summer 2021 / August 17 – Hola party people, I’m gonna be here all week, making a big hole in the “Classic Busty Models” library, FYI!  As a sub menu of “Classic Busty Models”, I’m adding “Classic Busty Actresses” as well as “Classic Busty Pinups”, doing that right now and filling it out as I go.

Summer 2021 / August 11UPDATE – Ok, so the issue is fixed and the pipes are open full blast again, I’ll keep an eye on this.  While I’m here, going to be coming back later this week to continue work on my “Classic Busty Models” library.

Blah, some of my modules are fucked up, so I’m going to be disabling alot of shit before the evening rush, fyi.

Summer 2021 / August 9 – Doing some big things this evening.  Adding GDPR to the site since I don’t want to lose my European family.  Redoing some SEO as well as adding a new wall of busty content creators.  For my desktop viewers, I resized the “Busty Goddess of the Week” so the site is much more feng shui.  You’ll notice that the directory is pretty freaking fast now.  You’re welcome ;). This is all part of the version 6 update.  Lastly, as of this update, we’re passing over 400 busty models, galleries, sites and content creators, love it!  I’ll be doing this in between settlement building in fallout 4, love that game, especially settlement building, haha.

Summer 2021 / July 27 – Ok peeps, revamping and updating my “Busty Reviews” pages, this is part of the Version 6 update.  Also you’ll notice that the front page is redesigned and very minimalistic.  That’s because I know this page loads slow for some of you, so being very minimalistic about my modules.  So a big speed upgrade today as well.

Summer 2021 / July 22 – I forgot to mention that the “Busty Reviews” library will also be worked on and completed next week.  This page is also a part of the Version 6 update.  Also I know this site loads slow for some of you.  I’m sorry, but I wanted to build a “web 3.0” directory to “future proof” against making updates all the time as some of the next gen code I’m using becomes more mainstream.  Basically 5g becoming widely available to the average user.  It’s a slick ass directory for sure, but there is alot of code and media to load, same for our busty tube.  It’s also a reflection of how big our community is getting.  So I apologize if it sucks loading us but if this is the case for you, It’s not my server, it’s your bandwidth..  Thanks for your patronage!

Summer 2021 / July 19 – I’m updating to version 6 today as well as adding a new wall of new Busty Goddesses for you to parse through.  With version 6 is an updated core, an action button redesign, added a “tits of the week” archive, so these busty content creators will always be immortalized and the completion of the busty archive!

Summer 2021 / July 14 – I decided to finish my busty archive content before moving on to the “Classic Busty Models” library, which is the only directory on this site that is still under construction.  I believe this will take me until the end of the year to index, but when finished, it will be quite comprehensive, as is everything else on this Visual Busty Directory.  So the “Busty Archive” library should be complete this evening.  Last thing of note, I am making this images 6 images per row instead of 5, and also adding 5 more sites per page, or a total of 15 instead of 10.  All of this to save on browsing time.

Summer 2021 / July 6 – Hola all, putting up a new wall this evening.  Over 350 busty concepts indexed now for this evening.  Super excited and I love the way this Busty Visual Directory looks!  Nothing really like us on the net, much less this niche.  So yah!  Next week, i’ll be back, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library.

Summer 2021 / June 19 – I’m calling Summer a day early, fuck it, haha.  This year has flown by, amirite?  Ok I’m announcing 2 week updates for all of my directories until I can finish the ones still under construction (including this one) in time for the fall.  So throwing up just a couple of content creators today and I’ll be here, pretty much all next week, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library.  Making some forward progress with this busty directory.  Other than Babes, Big Tits is just a huge niche and we want to represent it all.

Spring 2021 / June 10 – Hey chooms, sorry I’m a couple of days late.  My health has sucked for a minute, so thoughts and prayers please.  Ok, indexing, indexing since I’m here for the next couple of days.  This busty directory will have over 300 indexed by the time I leave.

Spring 2021 / May 25 – Well look at that, we just stepped into Version 5.8.  All visual, baby, cementing our cornerstone on the big badasss, beautiful, visual big titty directory.  Why?  Becuase I give a fuck about this niche, peeps.  These content creators deserve a deliciously beautiful directory to showcase their talents and chests!  Explore, kick the tires, surf this motherfucker and lmk if there are any glitches.  I’ll be working here all night.

Spring 2021 / May 11 – Welcome to Version 5.7, image display upgraded for devices.  New Galleries are now “Image click” to scroll.  Galleries also have a slide show option as well as a built in magnifier with the lightbox now.  Also mobile navigation and the general mobile surfing experience with us is refreshed.  Lastly, some minor design tweaks have also been implemented.

Spring 2021/May 4 – Incremental version update today to 5.6.  I’ve added two pages, “Big Chested FAQs” and “Busty Modeling” for whom those pages might apply to.  Switched the “popular tits” from monthly to weekly.  I am also going to be adding an update log for this busty directory when it is needed.  Finally, I am adding “mini reviews” to the only fans, patreon and model centro models.  I will be doing this as of todays update.  In the future, I’ll be getting to the models that I have indexed thusfar.

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