Big Chested Models Update Archive

Welcome to my Hot Chested Models Changelog.  Here, you will be able to see what I’ve been up to and experience this place being built.  Our online Busty network of Big Tit Directories is vast.  We will not stop until we’ve indexed all of the big tit baes on the net.

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Spring 2024 / June 8 – ..and just like that, we’re over 900 busty creators and sites motha freaking indexed here, making my whole busty network over 2000 busty creators and sites online, network wide, making Afterdarkkmedia one of the largest visual busty directories on the net in 2024.  I’d like to personally thank all of you for your continued patronage!!  You rock!

Why am I one of the few busty directories that lists classic busty models of the day?  Because they were the pioneers, they were the ones that started this big titty thing way way back in the day.  In my eyes, they were the first creators in a sense.  They helped shape my youth and they are the foundation of big tit porn.  They are important women.

Spring 2024 / June 7 – Hey all, well as promised, Adding to my “Classic Busty Models” update.  I’ll be creating and finishing the classic library with “S-z” going up in the next couple of days.  I love Olivia Newton John, God rest her soul.  First time I cried about a girl, this song really helped me when I was low.  So lots of work to be done this time around, i’ll be putting like 60 additional creators up.  Gonna take a nap then i’ll be getting started.

Spring 2024 / May 17 – Good evening everyone, I have a new wall of awesome busty creators going up.  Heads up, I got my hard drives back and will be doing the next group of “Classic Busty Models” next update.

Spring 2024 / May 5 – Happy Cinco de mayo peeps!  Going back to 8 creator updates instead of 12, thank you very much.  Also on the verge to have over 900 busty creators indexed and getting traffic, wooot!  It’s an exciting time.

Spring 2024 / April 27 – Re-indexing is done, thank God, lol.  All links should be current and all creators in this directory should all be online.    Pretty good, seeing how we have almost 1000 busty creators we’re sending traffic to now.  When i fly back around, i’ll have a new wall going up.

Spring 2024 / April 25 – Hola all.  So I was just cruising along updating my directories when X decided to put “sensitive content” over most all of the creators images.  I had you all landing on the creators media pages but I probably should have just had you all land on the creators main page.  So that’s what i’m doing here, changing links, and making sure no one is 404, adding updates when needed, etc, to give you a better idea of what i’m doing.

Spring 2024 / April 24 – Hey peeps, this time around i’ll be re-indexing and doing a version update.  So welcome to version 7.3!

Spring 2024 / March 29 – This update is a pretty quick turn around as far as updates.  I have 12 new busty creators going up in the next couple of days as we power towards 900+ busty creators online.  It’s a good time for us, oh and happy easter, peeps!

Winter 2024 / March 17 – Getting over being sick so most definitely dragging my ass.  There is a spiritual stepping up with the changing of the seasons.  If more people were awake it might be just what society needs right now.  Yes the annoying blue bow tie logo at the bottom will be going away, I just need to section time off so I can make a new logo.

Winter 2024 / March 16 – Good afternoon all, ok so I wsa going to add another index to my “Classic Busty Models” library but that drive is sitting on storage, so yeah.  Gonna be putting that off.  So creator updates it is!

Winter 2024 / February 25 – Happy, happy Sunday!  Got alot of stuff to do this update.  I’ll be redesigning the past updates page. dicking around with other stuff and putting up a new wall of creators.  I’m also gonna be uploading 12 creators this time around.  Next time i’m through, the “Classic Busty Models” page gets a new section, still going down the alphabet., then changing the logo down at the bottom.  Hope you fuckers are all well 🙂

Winter 2024 / February 11 – Hey all, i’m going to be throwing up a new wall today while i watch the 49ers, hopefully beat the chiefs tonight.  Hope everyone’s well.

Winter 2024 / February 9 – Happy Friday all, the name of the game here is “busty Sneak Peeks” where creators from my other niche directories can be showcased here if they are busty.  I’ll be working on this for the next month, fyi.  I’ll still be doing updates, but it will be 4 creators instead of 12 until all of the “crossover” creators are online.  I’ll be uploading our last busty cosplayer creator as well tonight.  I’ll be directing traffic to our new cosplay directory.

Winter 2024 / February 1 – Hey everyone, with almost 60 primary categories,sub niches and almost 1000 creators, this directory is still running really fast.  Hope you are all finding what you’re looking for.

Winter 2024 / January 31 – So i’m going to update a couple more times before moving on to my model directories until summer, i’d guess, fyi.  I am also in a better mood, i’m glad i walked away from my network for a month. 🙂

Fall 2023 / December 16 – aaaah, feels good to loosen the belt, so to speak.  Once again we have room to grow and i’m already at almost 1000 busty creators indexed and now with another 3 busty directories, we have almost 46 different busty niches now, I had no idea the busty niche even had 46 different niches.  That’s pretty freaking awesome and pretty damn cool.  Let’s go Broncos!

Fall 2023 / December 16 – Happy Saturday everyone.  I’ve needed to do this for awhile, but i’m separating the “silicone stacked” content creator indexes to much more “manageable” pages.  Because having all of these creators on the same page just ridiculous when there are a hundred creators are on the page and all of those graphics have to load.  I’ll be doing this while watching the game.  So yeah, Go Broncos tonight!

Fall 2023 / December 12 – Good morning everyone.  We switch back to modern creators this time around.  So i’ll be throwing up a new wall the next couple of days.  Happy Holidays all!

Fall 2023 / November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We all have so much to be thankful for today.  You all know I own the Lesbian Breastfeeding Tube right?  Well i’m adding her to the network today.  The wife has some turkey on.  I hope you all are warm and full today. 🙂

Fall 2023 / November 22 – A cold Thanksgiving Eve and all is well.  Well I hope it is.  Why spend so much time on the Classic Busty Models indexes, you ask?  Look at these women from way back when and consider them the first erotic content creators.  These pioneering women, paved the way for all of this, so I care for them out of love, admiration and respect.  Happy Thanksgiving all!

Fall 2023 / November 21 – So it’s thanksgiving week, woot!  Ahh yea the holidays, what a wonderful time of year, minus all of the “world war 3” shit, lol.  Ok I am going to be putting up “N – r” under “Classic Busty Models” on this update.

Throwing up a new wall after that and i’m also dialing back the number of creators indexed every update with 8 instead of 12 new creators every update.  Happy Holidays all and please be safe.

Fall 2023 / October 11 – Hey all, adding a new wall which will take me a couple of days and this update will push us to having over 800 big chested creators indexed, wooot!  In other news, i’m not going to be here as much, anymore.  I’m really getting nothing as far as ad revenue and with my age, health and everything, I need to be concentrating on my health and making money.  Nothing really will change except for update frequency.

So yah.  “let’s go viral” awards are gone because I have no $$ and most surfers don’t click on ads, which is where I make my money to support this sheer directory and run our in house contests.  ..that was a real kick in the balls for me, these creators deserve more.

Summer 2023 / September 23 – Happy Saturday peeps, finishing up tonight before moving on to Busty Curvy Babes.  Also going to be opening a “busty lactating” index, which will be under “Niche busty creators”.

Summer 2023 / September 21 – Good evening peeps, whilst indexing new busty creators tonight, i’ve rearranged the menu/navigation..  The new index added is “Niche Busty Creators” to be kind of a “catch all” for busty creator libraries that are listed in the menu.  I don’t want you all scrolling forever on my nav bar, ya know?  So just spreading everything out, growing, growing, growing.

Summer 2023 / September 20 – Hola all, i’m finishing re indexing this busty directory with this update, whew!  Ok going to be finishing that and adding a new wall before I take off to Busty Curvy Babes.  Fall is in 2 days, woot!!  Next update, we go over 800 busty creators indexed 🙂

Summer 2023 / September 4 – Happy labor day peeps, hope you are all well!  So I’m just going to rip the bandaid off and start integrating some of my other erotic directories into Big Chested Models, Sexy Cosplay Babes i’m looking at you..  This new library will be under Busty Sneak Peeks as a sub directory of “Busty Content Creators”.  No idea how long this is going to take, but that’s ok.  It needs to be done.

Speaking of the top menu up above, I’ve moved some libraries around.  I’m also re-indexing and adding new busty creators before I bounce out.  I’d really like to be over 90% re-indexed before I leave.

Summer 2023 / August 15 – ..and this round of re indexing is done.  Less than a year away from being current.  Ok, new wall, here we go.  Here’s to racing to over 800 busty creators indexed here, in the next month or so.  Woot!

Summer 2023 / August 8 – Hey all, i’m going to continue re indexing this directory and then i’ll be adding a new wall of new creators for you to check out.  I’ll be around for a bit if anyone needs anything.

Summer 2023 / July 27 – Ok i’m also adding “Shy Busty Creators” as well to the index.  Also going to be separating out the libraries because some of them are ridiculously large.

Summer 2023 / July 26 – Good evening peeps, ok I’m making really good progress, very happy.  What I did with our sister site Foot Adoration, I’m gonna do the same thing here.  I’m gonna be moving on as soon as the wall is complete and and going to update my other busty directories then i’ll come back here and upload another wall, which will make 24, so yah.

I’m also adding “Busty Lactating Creators”, I mean, if we’re indexing this niche, let’s fucking index this niche!!  I’m gonna let Busty Lactating creator Sarah lead things off.  You know, we might just get to 900+ almost 1000+ busty creators by the holidays, exciting.  It will also be interesting to see how many creators I get index until this busty directory starts running slow.

Summer 2023 / July 25 – Hey all, so re indexing is over 3/4 done.  I’m starting with new creators for you to check out.  You’ll notice that the window below is what it used to be, 12 content creators deep.  So i’ll be doing these big updates until my que is a bit more manageable.  That feels good, even though I’ve been sick since Friday, blah, this progress makes me happy.  I hate this diabetes shit though.  Ok here we go!

Summer 2023 / July 19 – Hola peeps.  I’m about to go to bed, but I’m here and I have a shitload of stuff to do. Another version update to add polls again.  I want the re index to be at least 70 percent and I’m adding like 24 new busty creators.  So yah, i’m thinking it should take about a week.  Hope you’re all well, i’ll be “in and out”.

Summer 2023 / July 2 – Hey all, I’m really going to be concentrating on making a big dent with the re indexing of the creators here.  After I’m done with that, i’ll be sharing some new busty creators with you..  Happy 4th of July and all that too 🙂

Summer 2023 / June 23 – Happy Summer soulstice everyone, sunrise will stay more or less the same time for the next week, then the days start getting shorter, woot!  I love the fall for those of you that don’t know.  Ok old sidebar creator index gone, the new one auto rotates creators you might like based on your browsing..  Eventually i’ll be doing the same for the classic busty models indexes, but that’s another plan for another year.  Lastly, i’ll be reindexing another batch of content creators before I leave.

Spring 2023 / June 21 – …You know what friends, I think I’m just kinda gonna stay here for a bit and love on Big Chested Models.  This is easily one of the largest visual directories/magazines in my portfolio.  I love her folks.  Refresh your browsers please.  Like the new logo?  I’ll be downstairs, writing.  My first mistake with this whole thing was getting stoned, haha.  But it’s Sunday ya know, fuck it. :).  love you peeps, be safe.

Spring 2023 / June 18 (b) – …You know what friends, I think I’m just kinda gonna stay here for a bit and love on Big Chested Models.  This is easily one of the largest visual directories/magazines in my portfolio.  I love her folks.  Refresh your browsers please.  Like the new logo?  I’ll be downstairs, writing.  My first mistake with this whole thing was getting stoned, haha.  But it’s Sunday ya know, fuck it. :).  love you peeps, be safe.

Spring 2023 / June 18 (a) – Ok peeps, I’m off.  Happy Fathers Day to you if you were blessed enough to have kiddos.  I’d like to talk for a minute about the state of my country (USA).  It’s a kick in the balls, when I wake up and see all of these shootings every single day.  It grinds on me, makes me fear the future, because it’s getting worse.  I still am a ride share driver and see it every day.  The despair, the desperation.  I work all day to come home to the homeless trying to hustle me for a buck when I can’t even “keep my head above water”.  My city with the smog, living on a dying planet.  How did we get here as a society?  It just kinda breaks my heart.  Please be kind to one another peeps.  I hope you’re all safe forever, it’s an interesting time for mankind.  For my peeps in Europe, pray for us in the U.S..  society is not ok here.

Spring 2023 / June 15 – Blah, been down since Sunday with a pretty nasty episode because i’m diabetic, good energy would be cool and I’d appreciate it.  Ate for the first time today so doing better.  I’m gonna re index another 20 creators then get on bringing you some of the hottest new creators out there.  This will be my update this time around.

Spring 2023 / June 15 – Blah, been down since Sunday with a pretty nasty episode because i’m diabetic, good energy would be cool and I’d appreciate it.  Ate for the first time today so doing better.  I’m gonna re index another 20 creators then get on bringing you some of the hottest new creators out there.  This will be my update this time around.

Spring 2023 / June 10 – Hey all, going to be working on re indexing the creators and then adding another wall of new busty creators after that.  I’d really like to knock a big chunk of the re index out of the park in this update, we’ll see.  Lastly, you’ll notice that in the “Classic Busty Model” index, that the N-r page is online.  I’ll be hoping on that right before the fall.  I hope you are all doing well.

Spring 2023 / May 30 – still here, I got super sick a couple of days ago and was in the icu.  Diabetes and all that.  You’d never think I was even this sick, just looking at me.  It just makes one look at life through a different lens.  I’m so happy that big chested models is willing to go back decades to give these classic busty pioneers their due.  I love what I do.

Ok gonna finish the page I’m reindexing and then will start showing you some of our newest creators.  All the while drones are hitting Moscow.  We’re so fucked, humanity, all of it.  I’m gonna smoke a bowl, haha :/

Spring 2023 / May 22 – yah, good to be back,lol.  I have so many things to do here at big chested models before moving on to our sister site, Busty BBW Porn..  I’m going to finish my “j – m” index and get started on “n – s”.  I really want to have this whole classic busty library built by the fall, so I can focus on other things.  Re indexing, I hope to take a big bite out of that as well as adding 8 more busty creators that you might not have seen before.  I’ll be here for awhile, under the hood before I bounce.

Spring 2023 / May 1 – Hello May, they say as you get older, time passes by slower.  Not for me.  Ok, so I’m creating today a “busty creator galleries” index for creators that just kill this niche on the day to day.  That’s going to be under “Busty Galleries”.  I’m going to be adding come new busty creators after doing a page or two more of the re index of this directory.

Spring 2023 / April 30 – Happy Sunday everyone, going to be working on my classic busty libraries and re indexing this busty directory for the next day or two.  Hope you’re all well.  Ok I’ve decided to capture one or two promotional trailers on everyone.  I don’t trust the social media companies anymore, like, the accounts that are getting deleted are ridiculous.  It’s fucking tits for God sakes, blah.  Anyway a mountain of work awaits me, so, yeah.

Spring 2023 / April 17 – Hey all, ok just re-skinned one of my oldest busty creators, Juliette is an awesome creator and will provide a fine example!  The updates will always be under the current galleries.

Spring 2023 / April 16 – Happy Sunday everyone.  I’m upgrading to version 7.1 for the next week or so.  As I’ve had the “Ai Data Archive” logo on the footer for years, you are now all going to see it.  The new “Core Status” indicator below is the overall state of the site, framework and server.  Running 24/7.  I had to upgrade my processor, but it’s a great trade off.

I am also reindexing the busty directory as well, as some of you have emailed me about 404 pages.  With this reindexing though, I am adding updated content as well as a count of the content creators followers.  This is going to take months, but nothing will be down during reindexing.  I am also transferring promotional videos away from twitter embeds.  Musk is going to break the whole freaking thing before it’s all over with.

Spring 2023 / April 7 – Hey all, just doing some upgrades this evening to the framework of this directory.  I’ll be at Busty Curvy Babes, building it for about a week and a half.  So check me out over there, I’ll be adding this directory to the mix when it’s finished (probably this summer) Hope you are all well.

Spring 2023 / March 20 – Ahh the first day of Spring, peeps.  So happy soulstice!  I’ll be wrapping up my updates this evening.  So until next time, peace out 🙂

Winter 2023 / March 15 – …and with that, 700 + busty Goddesses indexed ;). Woooooot!  I’ll also be working on finishing my articles, shoring up the GUI of the Classic Busty libraries (i’ll be adding more of these Classic Busty Goddesses next month ) and updating to the 10 year anniversary logo on all of the pages before I’m out..

Winter 2023 / February 23 – Hey all, putting up a couple of new busty creators here.  Also a heads up, I’ll be back to adding classic busty models until the index of “j – M” is indexed.  Hope you are all well and stuff ;).

Winter 2023 / February 14 – So yah, so I’m an idiot, thinking I could index this entire niche in 5 years, instead, it’s been 6 years and I’m now opening my 3rd index for the busty niche.  So since it’s Valentine’s day and all, I’ll spill and say I’ve been working on Busty Curvy Babes this past couple of weeks.  And thats why I’ve been dragging my ass with this index, fyi.  By no means is it anywhere near done, that will probably take most of spring.  As you can see, i’m starting to index busty creators by body type.

Winter 2023 / February 10 – Hola, adding content creators this evening.  Hope you’re all well out there 🙂

Winter 2023 / January 26 – I hope all of you are well.  Throwing a couple more busty creators up and updating some core files.

Winter 2023 / January 11 – Hey everyone, i’ll be working on the classic busty models index for the next couple of days.  Much respect to the OG content creators below.  Without them doing they’re thing, back in the day, we could not be doing our thing now.  Hope you’re all well.

Winter 2023 / January 1 – What a year 2022 was.  So much growth here at the Afterdarkkmedia network and really looking forward to getting my membership concepts online and caught up at some point this year.  I fell into a deep directory hole last year, but I needed it, the network needed the growth and this year will be for the membership concepts to get on the same page as everything else.  I’ll probably start this pretty soon.  I hope none of you did anything crazy last night, lol.  To 2023!

Winter 2022 / December 27 – Hey all, hope everyone has a great Christmas and everything.  I got the Callisto Protocol, woot!!  Just more things to do when you really look at it.  Adding a couple creators and stream lining the directory.

Winter 2022 / December 23 – So yah, I’m freaking loving the turn around time with my new update schedule.  Pretty cool, huh?  I’m reskinning the site, decorating for xmas, adding a couple of content creators and resetting the counter on the right sidebar for the creators.  I think I’m gonna keep this schedule for awhile.  Next year, Big Chested Models celebrates a decade, indexing the net.  Merry Christmas peeps, hope you are all warm and safe.  If you’re surfing here for awhile, please refresh your browser caches, I’m gonna be moving all of this stuff around, i’ll be here all night.

Fall 2022 / December 14 – Hey all, for the time being, i’m going to be cutting down to 4 new creators an update.  I really need to finish building the sites that are going to make this network.  So that’s the big news on that.  I will also be finishing the j – M catalog in the “Classic Busty Models” library.  I want to have that done by the new year, we’ll see..  Lastly, “Busty Digital Art” will be under the “Busty Content Creator” library.

Fall 2022 / November 23 – Because I’ve been sick, I’m behind on fucking everything.  Might lose it all.  So the moods weird here.  Doesn’t help on a shitty day when everyone’s broke, I hear of ANOTHER mass shooting with thanksgiving tomorrow.  What the fuck is wrong with this world.  Not blaming any of you, just feels like I’m filled with all of this mental and emotional “trash” as society decays from everything, you know.  Have to meditate and just clear my head of everything every single damn day.  Happy Holidays though, motherfuckers, love you all 😐

Fall 2022 / November 15 – Hey all, got sick Sunday afternoon, just now getting better.  Ever since the pandemic, peeps, I have these fucking anxiety attacks.  Dr’s don’t know what the hells going on.  Plus side, I’ve had every organ in my body tested and good to go.  So idk.  I mean I’m kinda stressed about $$, but aren’t we all, during the holidays?  Idk, but I hope to have this update finished by this evening.  Lastly I’m calling the index these erotic busty artists are going to be, “Busty Digital Art”.  Something that will encapsulate the large part of artists in our community.

Fall 2022 / November 12 – Ok, so I’m going to start indexing tonight, the “Busty Waifu” index.  I’ve seen your emails.  And I nixed about 85% of it, because it’s a fine line with Busty Waifu Ai.  And I have no interest in featuring stuff that’s borderline weird, so these are all verified accounts.  This will be under “Busty Content Creators” index.

Fall 2022 / November 10 – Hey everyone.  I’m back, putting up a new wall of busty creators aaand decorating for Christmas/Holidays.  I’m going to be working on the “Score Galleries” as well, catching up on my promotionals from them.  Sidebar on desktop is also fixed, sorry about that, peeps.

Fall 2022 / October 23 – That sidebar really looks good with those Classic Busty Goddesses of the past versus where we are now as a society..  It’s not a pretty story, we all fucking live it.  You peeps on mobile can’t see a sidebar as easily, it’s at the bottom of the site.  So I’m gonna skip the sidebar reset this update.

Got Dying Light 2 on sale on the live store and I fucking love it!  So gonna be doing some gaming while I finish this update.

Fall 2022 / October 22 – Yep, back to indexing busty content creators!  I know this wall looks all kinds of weird from desktop, but it will sort itself out.  Ya know, I’m kinda stoned right now and at this exact moment, the wall is a pretty complete synopsis of what Big Chested Models is all about.  Staying in and gonna try to power through the creators as we eclipse over 650 busty creators, sites and galleries indexed.  I’m poor as fuck, but I’m blessed, haha.  Got some Butthole Surfers on the radio, Halloween coming up in just about a week, life is good!

Fall 2022 / October 20 – Just now getting home from work.  I’m beat, but I’m going to finish the busty classic models starting with “J”.  The j – M index, when finished will be some 60 classic busty models listed.  So I’m not going to tackle the whole thing this update.  I’ll be doing it by letter, so next update “K” will be going up, etc.  I have 2 other sections to get to this update.

I feel really lucky that I indexed all of this on Naturally Voluptuous 17 years ago.  No one really has these libraries anymore.  I think it’s important not to forget these trail blazers, they started it all.  Ok, here we go, refresh your caches.

Fall 2022 / October 19 – Ok so I’m going to be working on the “Classic Busty Actresses” library, before moving on to models.  For some reason, I didn’t upload these models when I made this page a couple of years ago.  So that’s the 411 on that.  Update – it just keeps getting better and better.  I’m having to resize the profile pics manually and that’s resizing in different formats, blah.  The originals are from our sister site Naturally Voluptuous waaaay back in 2005.

Fall 2022 / October 19 – Hey all, i’ll be here for a bit.  I’m going to be uploading the j – M library in the “Classic Busty Models” index, adding more score babe galleries and then finally, adding new busty content creators.  I’ll be updating in that order as well, btw.  Hope you’re all well, thanks for putting the word out, I really appreciate you.

Fall 2022 / October 4 – So I’m indexing these delicious busty cosplay creators to even out the row on desktop.  I won’t be updating them here anymore, as I bought a domain just for them and that niche.  These creators aren’t going anywhere so to speak. they’ll just have their own site and our network grows bigger.  Good for everyone.

Fall 2022 / October 3 – So I’ll be done with this update tomorrow, fyi.  The talent count is minus one, I got served with a DMCA from a 404 creator. so yah.  I’ve only had like 5 out of almost 6000 content creators in this network serve me with one before.  Because we all send traffic to them, ya know.  On the other hand, if a content creator doesn’t want to be here, please tell me.  But I’m bummed, so gonna game, eat some candy and go to bed early, haha.  I’m pooped.

Fall 2022 / September 30 – Hey everyone, the fall is here, and with the fall, comes re-skinning this bitch for Halloween, undoubtably my favorite holiday of the year.  Have a new wall going up.  It will take a couple of days, me thinks.  I’ll be jumping around doing other stuff, so yah.  Hope you’re all well and hope you all like the look. 😉

Summer 2022 / September 16 – Ok I’m done, sidebar stats are reset to keep views fair for the girls.  Really happy Fall is like a week away, at least here in the U.S. ;).  ..Until next time peeps!

Summer 2022 / September 15 – Where is Tally Berry you ask?  Well she does not want our traffic, I was DMCA’d this afternoon.  So yeah.  Ok I’m present and going to be doing my update now.  webp conversion is about 65% done, but the directory is running slower.  Hopefully that will be done tonight.  I’m converting to webp to have this site load faster as more people hear about Big Chested Models.  Thanks for spreading the word, I do appreciate it and all of you!

Update – webp conversion is gonna be done in 30 min, thank God!  Check out the radio, it’s retarded, but Halloween and Doom metal, haha.  Also gonna be messing with cache settings, before I speed test the url, so refresh your browser please.

Summer 2022 / September 13 – Hey all, you’ll notice that the “Newly Added” area down below now only has 8 windows as opposed to 12 windows.  Well that’s because I will have to do some major work in my membership portals, so going back to the old format of updates is gonna be in effect again until I’m caught up.  I’m also going to be converting all images here to the webp format (over 188k images).  so yeah, it’s gonna take a minute.

Summer 2022 / August 26 – So didn’t lose that many content creators, thank God.  Re indexing is finished.  I am going to warn you all, I’m going to be doing this with all of my visual directories.  So I might be gone for a minute.  Also I’ve given up trying to add sponsor content in one fell swoop.  I’m just going to integrate it with my updates.  One week, content creators, a couple weeks after that, sponsor content, etc.  My updates will work like that, probably forever, haha.  Ok, all links work now and the count down below is correct.

Summer 2022 / August 24 – Oh just sprucing up the place a bit.  I fucking love this busty directory!!  Going through the pages, is going slower now, taking my time, enjoying how these content creators are coming along.  They are all so fucking beautiful!  Yah, got some new tunes on the radio.  I just found them, listening to doom metal play lists and such.  Ok back to work..  I’m about 1/2 way done with the reindex.  Crazy how so many links are 404 now, and it’s taking some time to find them again, so.  Flipside, if I can’t find them, that’s why this busty directory is here.

Summer 2022 / August 23 – Hey all, so re-indexing this busty directory until I’m done.  What does “re-indexing” entail?  WellI I go through every page, to make sure the the redesign is on all pages.  I make sure the busty models all have 30 promotional pics.  Sometimes when I think that a content creator is awesome, I might only put 1/2 the promotional up.  Well with re-indexing, I also update the galleries and make sure that everything is online and not 404.  It’ shouldn’t take a crazy amount of time, but we’ll see.

Summer 2022 / August 20 – What’s up everyone.  So this site will be “re indexing” the next time I’m here.  You know, clean up the site and my links.  Also gonna see if the busty models that are 404 might be back online.  In the mean time, I’m gonna be over at my sister site, reskinning Hot Busty Models.  It’s a visual busty directory that is all about busty content creators on social media that do not have a membership gateway.  I’ll be back here, once that is done.

Summer 2022 / August 5 – Like a painter, painting a house, my brush is going in reverse now.  I’m gonna be adding a crap load of Score galleries as well as a new wall of content creators afterwards.  Gonna try to get on those articles as well.  Speaking of well, hope you all are well 😉


So refresh your browser, I’ll be here all night adding galleries and creators.  I’m adding promotionals pretty fast.  …Yeah, scaling back my ambition here.  It would be so cool if this busty directory was everything I wanted it to be, but it’s a journey, right?  Just cleared the real time views plugin.  You know, keep it fair and all that.  Plus I’m pretty exited to be sharing these new busty content creators.  You’ll find that with this update, I’m working on my busty cosplayers. So here we go!

Summer 2022 / July 31 – Small incremental version update today, changed some of the verbage as well as adding classic busty models to the bottom of this page, so those that came before are never forgotten!  It’s really important to me that these classic busty actresses and models remain relevant, since without them, Big Chested Models would not be here.

Summer 2022 / July 29 – So sorry everyone, got super sick for most of the week :(. I’m back though and will be finishing updates which should be done by the end of the week.

Summer 2022 / July 24 – I’ll be tearing apart the sidebar for a bit.  I’m taking the ratings off of the sidebar, but please continue to rate your favorite models.  I will stick the ratings site wide in the bottom of the sidebar probably.  The new module is much easier as far as browser load, which should speed up the site.  Not that it’s loading slow, but I want this visual directory fast for you.  Plus, I think it looks better.  It is also tied to the live traffic on this site, so you can see what everyone else is checking out.  It is sorted by views.  Lastly, making a “Busty Coeds” index for the DD – EEE library.  Ever growing, ever expanding.

Summer 2022 / July 23 – Hello Big Chested Model Surfers, happy Saturday!  I’m back throwing up a new wall of content creators.  Hope you are all well, not too hot and eager to explore the new crop of Big Chested Models going up in the next couple of days!  With this update, We are now over 600+ busty content creators websites and galleries indexed!  Just threw on some new tunes on the radio, kick back and explore.  Woot!

Summer 2022 / July 10 – remember a couple of months ago when I was going to clear out my social media follows and index the content creators to their appropriate niche directories.  Well I’m doing that right now.  So yeah.

Summer 2022 / July 5 – Hey everyone, adding a new wall of content creators the next couple of days.  After that, I’ll be back on sponsor content.  I love the way Big Chested Models is scaling right now!!  Hope you all didn’t do anything crazy for the 4th.

Spring 2022 / June 16 – Ok, I’m burnt out on building this Classic Busty Models Library.  I’ll come back to it before the fall.  I’ll probably be adding sponsor content for most of the summer.  The rest of the index will be next year.  I literally have like 150 or so models yet to add.  So yah.  Going back to Score and DDF promotionals for a bit.  Then probably some content creators as we approach over 600 busty sites and content creators indexed!  Woot!  this makes Big Chested Models one of the bigger busty directories out there.  “Busty Spotlight” is down for a minute.  Lastly, I’ll get started on the articles, also before the summer’s out.

Spring 2022 / June 14 – Why do I index Classic Busty Models?  Because they started it all.  Especially in those times, 50’s – 70’s, true pioneers, these women you see below.  If I wasn’t calling myself a “Complete Busty Directory.” maybe.  Idk, something inside me doesn’t want these women forgotten.

But as you know, I do unconventional shit too, like talking to all of you ;). I think I’m one of the only webmasters that has the kind of engagement with you that I do.  And if Big Chested Models is going to be representing the busty scene online, fuck it, you know.  Let’s bring everything.  So we can understand the past to see the future… or something like that.  I’m going to be digging into the Classic library all week.

Spring 2022 / June 14 – As you can see, I’m working on my Classic Busty Model Directory.  I’ll have the “E – i” and “J – n” libraries up by the weekend, hopefully.  Also reverting back to the original gallery.  I just like it better.  Got the radio tuned into some 70’s, so turn that shit up and let’s “get her done”.

Spring 2022 / June 10 – Starting to add my Score promotionals, God help me, it’s so much.  But I love them so much too.  Most of the pictorials will be “softcorish” out of respect to them.  I’m also gonna add a new gallery library on here as well, that will dedicated to Score, XX-Cel and other kick ass boob sites.  This will be under “Busty Galleries”.

“Busty Spotlight” up above will now be outstanding twitter previews of the hot busty content creator of the moment.  I’m keeping the old page, but it’s just so much better for me to keep track of, this way.

Spring 2022 / June 8 – Ripping this motherfucker down, only to build it back into something bigger and better.  I want all of my directories on the same page this fall.  I’m doing this to every one.  Check out the radio if you’re just fucking around.  If you dig industrial, you’ll <3 Haujobb 😉

Also pay no mind to the articles I’m creating.  Never been to a big tit directory that really had one.  Well, here we go, haha.  Lots and lots of galleries going up as well this early morning.  You’ll also notice a “Busty News and Articles” section towards the bottom of the page.  Expansion!

Spring 2022 / June 6 – Greeting fellow busty admirers.  Ok so you should all know by now that I have a big freaking update this summer with sponsor content.  And it starts tonight.  If you’re surfing me by desktop, this GUI will probably look like shit until the fall.  I’m going to be adding so much, peeps..

What is “Sponsor Content”?  My partners are Score, DDF, Jugg Models, Boobs XL, etc, etc.  The membership sites I promote is “Sponsor Content”.  I’ll be back indexing big boob content creators again this fall.  I’ll be in and out the next couple of weeks.

Spring 2022 / May 27 – Hola everyone, updating core files today.  I’m over at Foot Adoration and Sheer Porn, updating those directories simultaneously.  It’s probably going to take a month or so, then here to do the same thing with this busty directory.

Although with the Busty BBW sponsor content, there are so many promotionals that It’s probably going to take maybe 3 months to finish up here, so I can get back to indexing busty bbw content creators.  So yah!  Happy Memorial Day as well 😉

Spring 2022 / May 5 – Hey all, glad to be back, throwing up a new wall the next couple of days.  After that, i’ll be adding sponsor content probably until the fall, in addition to finishing my “Classic Busty Models” index.  And starting my articles that some of you might find useful, so yah.  Hope you’re all well.

Spring 2022 / April 15 – Looks like this update is the update of “Busty Influencers”.  That’s ok, I needed to pad up that library anyway.  I’ll be done with this weeks updates tonight.  I can’t really believe, as I’m cruising towards 600 busty content creators, sites and galleries, how much Big Chested Models has grown.  It’s awesome, I really love the way this is all coming together.  Hope you all are well!

Spring 2022 / April 12 – Good early morning to you all.  Putting up a new wall in the next couple of days.  Hope you all are well and welcome new surfers, to my shrine of busty goddesses from all over the world.

Spring 2022 / April 2 – Hey all sorry I haven’t been around.  I’ll be back next week though.  Tonight, updating shit and saying “what’s up” to you all.  Processing everything thats going on in the world.  It’s Spring, so I’m mulling round ways to fix up my apt for shooting what I want to shoot this summer.  There’s “fear in the herd” ya’ll.  If you’re still, you can feel it.  So just playing some far cry 6 and listening to music.  Also with these directories, I mean, they will never truly be finished, will they?  The beast < my perversions } will never be satiated.  Anyway, I’m putting this on all of my directories.  I am going to finish updating Hot Net Babes this evening and finishing the floor in my bathroom, ha.

Winter 2022 / March 22 – Hey all, Happy Spring solstice!  I’ll be adding content creators for the next couple of weeks here and there.  Clearing out some of my social media follows.  I’ll update the “total indexed” once this is all done.  Hope you are all well.

Winter 2022 / March 5 – Great to be back.  With that fuck nut putin doing what he is doing, I have a link, right under the Ukrainian flag that is showing what’s going on over there if you’re in a country that just banned twitter.  If you’re here, you are most likely on VPN, so you know what you’re doing 😉

As you all know, a good amount of the content creators here are European, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.  Because these girls are directly in harms way, I stand by them and will continue to list them and get them some traffic.  Here at Big Chested Models, you are a part of a world wide community of busty lovers and fetishists.  We stand together in the face of tyranny.  People deserve to be free!  It’s not the Russian people I have a problem with, it’s your government..  I have a new wall going up in the next couple of days and have changed some of the verbage here on the landing..

Winter 2021 / February 17 – Hey all, so I’m gonna start updating 12 busty models per update.  I’m going to be adding sponsor content for awhile, this will include new tube previews.  This will also include, God willing, continuing building the “Classic Busty Models” index.  This niche is so big and vast and far and wide, haha, you all know that probably.

So my plan is to finish my que of content creators I want to show all of you.  So that’s like 7 more updates, which means adding my sponsor content won’t start until the Spring.  I want to be clear though, haha it’s gonna take me probably until the fall to start doing busty content creator updates again.  I will tell you though, I’m gonna try to do the majority of this when I take a couple of weeks off in between updates, like I’ve been doing.  Anyhoo, I’m going to play some far cry 6 and then get started.  I’ll be done with this weeks update by tomorrow night.  If anyone needs anything, I’m around for the next couple of days.

This is my first update since the redesign, so pretty excited to see a new wall in here.  Lastly, with this update, I’m over 500 busty models indexed again, woot!

Winter 2021 / February 4 – Remaster is done!  Woot!  BCM looks much better imho.  I’m back down to 496 busty beauties indexed.  So I lost almost 30 sites, galleries and busty affiliate programs that were 404.  On the other hand, this visual busty directory is clean.  No 404’s, no weird links, and that makes me smile.  Next update, i’ll be back to over 500.

Please note the new sub menus on the “Huge Natural Tits” and “Silicone Stacked” libraries.  Gonna finish up here then go to my sister site Busty BBW Porn to revamp that directory.

Winter 2021 / February 2 – Umm …no I’m not a devil fan, I was a goth kid and I love goth and other sublime stuff, so yeah, thanks for the email though about my radio choices.  The dude is really talented imho.  Anyhoo, more than 1/2 way done.  I will be separating 2 model libraries tonight or tomorrow.  I just want to continue my groove of knocking these pages out first.

When you scroll down towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see “Busty News”. This will be where informative articles about our obsession with big to gigantic breasts.  It’s new, kinda groovy, it will just round out this busty directory so it’s not linear like alot of these sites.

Winter 2021 / January 30 – While I’m going through every page, revamping if need be, I’m also redirecting traffic and not listing only fans pages since that whole debacle a couple of months ago.  So most of these busty content creators are linked to their social media pages.  Busty websites are as always directing to their respective landing pages.  This place is looking good, huh!  I hope you like the new look and design.

Winter 2021 / January 29 – Well, version 6.5 is here.  As previously stated, I’ll be making sure buttons are all on the same page and implementing the new image rollovers.  You’ll also see several new libraries as some of the libraries re getting too big.  For “Silicone Stacked” for example, you’ll see “Silicone Stacked Coeds”, “Silicone Stacked MILF’s”, etc.

Front page redesign will also be pretty different than what you’re used to.  I’m building it for ease of use and expandability.  Big Chested Models is by far, my largest erotic directory with over 500 sites, galleries and busty content creators, so this is going to take a minute.  I’m estimating a week or so.

Winter 2021 / January 20 – Hey all, texting out version 6.5 this early morning.  I also have some BIG changes coming, starting tonight.  I’ll be changing the older image rollovers, and buttons for the content creators indexed before my last version update happened.  So everything can look like the new interface.  While doing this, i’ll also update 404 sites for the content creators that have went offline since last year.  This is all part of my upcoming 6.5 version update.

ALSO I’m changing the orientation of the thumbnails for the site, this starts tonight.  With social media becoming more and more encased in the erotic web.  It just makes sense, rather than having the landscape orientation and having to look all through these promotionals for a decent one (most chicks do not shoot in landscape really).  And I get it, mobile is king and all that stuff.  Soo all of this will take a month or so, i’ll be converting that when I can so it will be ongoing.  It will look dope and give a much better look at what the model is all about with more to see instead of cropped all to hell.

That means this directory is gonna look like shit for a bit, aesthetic wise, but this directory is rapidly becoming too freaking big for me to keep doing GUI re designs.  So I just want it done ASAP.

Winter 2021 / January 7 – Gawd, between my health and covid, it’s been a roller coaster.  Good news, Jugg Models is remastered and caught up.  So I’ll be updating every other week again.  Starting tonight with a new wall!  It will take me a couple of days since I’m working again and got Farcry 6 and Resident Evil Village, so there’s that, haha.  Anyhoo, hope you all had a good NYE!  Ok here we go. 😉

Winter 2021 / December 23 – Hola, it’s been a minute.  Got really sick for like 3 weeks, and didn’t really do shit as far as getting to my sponsors, tbh.  But this week, I’m going to be getting back to content creators for now.  When I’ve exhausted the list I already have in que, then I’ll be getting back to sponsor content and finishing up my “Classic Busty Models” library and then jumping on the tube.  I’m back at work full time, so i’ll be doing this when I can, peeps.  Merry Christmas!!!

Fall 2021 / December 1 – Hey all, I’m going to be getting back to sponsor content, probably until the first of the year.  This is network wide, so this message is on all of my visual directories.  And I will be here off and on adding other niches that happen to have busty content until then.  The first of the year, back to bi weekly updates and resuming indexing content creators.  You’ll also note that the image galleries have different rollovers now, this is my 6.2.5 update, but I’m taking my time with it.

Fall 2021 / November 8 – Hola fellow big tit fans.  Got a new wall of busty content creators going up today.  And as this is the first directory of mine that has exceeded 500+ models, sites and content creators, I’m just excited to see my babies growing up, haha.  Adding another row on the “just added” up above, because 500+ Busty Goddesses indexed and shit ;).  I’ll be doing this on all directories as they also exceed 500 indexed.  You’ll notice that the sub menu of “Busty Babes” now has a new library called “Busty Cosplay”.  That’s because these content creators are already here ands it was time to expand.  They have all been added to the cosplay page, as are the busty cosplayers I indexed tonight.  Happy Fall and such.

Fall 2021 / October 26 – Hey everyone, I’m back and will be throwing up a new wall of content creators in the next couple of days.  All this as we close in on 500+ titty sites and galleries indexed.  Lastly, I’m starting a “Busty Influencers” library.  This directory is for women that don’t really have fan pages or things that they sell.  They are beautiful influencers, however.

Fall 2021 / October 7 – Hola, working on my membership sites still.  Just stopping by to do some updates and such.  In the mean time in my hiatus, please check out the busty models that I’ve already indexed!

Fall 2021 / September 24 – Hey sluts.  I’m putting up one more content creator then I’m out.  I gotta update Jugg Models and Long Labia Babes since I got new content for them, wooot!  See you all when these updates are complete!

Summer 2021 / September 21 – Hello, hello friends.  Wanted to start off with the “Classic Busty Models” library, it’s a work in progress, my first priority is continuing to put these busty websites, models and content creators on the map.  I’m looking at the holidays 2022 as a goal to have it finished.  I have easily still over 100 classic busty models I haven’t even indexed yet.  So it will be one of the larger classic big titty libraries online when finished.  So it will be worth the wait.  Also tomorrow is Fall!!!  My favorite season, woooot! ;). I need to work on Jugg Models and Long Labia Babes, catch them up with the rest of this network.  I’ll be back to put up a new wall as soon as I can!

Summer 2021 / September 9 – Cool, so finishing up this weeks update and finishing the version update.  I’m changing things around, i’ll be back, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library at some point in the fall.  I really want to catch some other things up that are going to take a much shorter amount of time.  So when I do get back to doing that, I can really do it right.

Summer 2021 / September 7 – Ok I’m back 😉 please stand by…

Summer 2021 / September 5 – Ok 14 hours reindexing today and I am burnt the fuck out.  Taking a break and throwing up some new walls on my other directories.  I’ll be back here, mid week to finish the url swaps and new buttons AND i’ll be updating content creators as well.  I’m like 60% done with this, btw.

Summer 2021 / September 4Home on a Saturday. night too huh?  Just over 25% re indexed, whew.  About to take a fallout 4 break.  I love settlement building.  especially stoned out of my mind.  I like this new GUI, don’t you?  We’re gonna try it out, see what happens.  Um, in a perfect world, I’d have 30 images and histories of each model.  So while I’m doing this update, post by post if they need more promotional content, I’m getting it for them.  That’s about it.

Summer 2021 / September 1Hey all, been busy, doing to my other directories, what I’m about to do with this one.  Ok, redesigning the buttons for all content creators, because I’m an anal fuck like that.  Also because adult model platforms can’t really be trusted nowadays, I’m also relinking all busty content creators with their link tree’s, preferably.  On the other hand, most of these busty models just love showing off and don’t have OF, Patreon, etc.  So I expect to have this done by this evening.  Yes this is a version update as well, since I’ve never went through this resorting stuff since I built this busty visual directory.  A new ratings system will also be in place by Sunday, please use it!  It will serve many purposes to dial up more of what you’re looking for.  Lastly, the Popular Models side bar has been changed.  It’s more efficient, not as pretty, but much faster.  With almost 500 busty sites indexed, it’s gonna take a minute to do all of this.  I hope to be done by Monday though, God willing.

Summer 2021 / August 21 – So the Classic Busty Models library, part one, going alphabetically, A – d is complete.  Starting on E – i like, right now, no way I’m getting that done before Monday, but I hope to knock a big chunk of it out, at least.  I’ll be back here, every other week, for a full week until this ridiculously huge classic busty library is complete ;). Navigation, btw is right below the video.

Summer 2021 / August 19 – I’m just so happy that I decided to take this “one week on, one week off” schedule.  You people have no idea how the fact that my “Classic Busty” library has languished for years, has just really affected me.  And to be able to do it now, is just so important to me.  I love this niche so much.. obviously, haha.  These classic busty models are the source, where it all started and they had the balls to show it all off.  I love them.

I always wanted a proper shrine online of these busty pioneers.  Not that Big Chested Models is the “be all end all”, but I just feel so grateful I get to do this.  Do I spend 16 hours a day on my concepts?  Yes, Do most of you think that I’m just nuts at this point? Probably.  Just do me a favor, check out the new “Classic Busty Actresses” library and tell me what you think?  These libraries were also designed to be viewed on desktop, if you want the full effect.  Mobile is fine and I know that a crapload of you surf me on mobile, but I love how it looks on desktop.  Does it do this niche justice?  Does it suck?  I can only be better if you make me better, but I hope as fellow busty fetishists, you approve of what I’m trying to create here.

Summer 2021 / August 17 – Hola party people, I’m gonna be here all week, making a big hole in the “Classic Busty Models” library, FYI!  As a sub menu of “Classic Busty Models”, I’m adding “Classic Busty Actresses” as well as “Classic Busty Pinups”, doing that right now and filling it out as I go.

Summer 2021 / August 11UPDATE – Ok, so the issue is fixed and the pipes are open full blast again, I’ll keep an eye on this.  While I’m here, going to be coming back later this week to continue work on my “Classic Busty Models” library.

Blah, some of my modules are fucked up, so I’m going to be disabling alot of shit before the evening rush, fyi.

Summer 2021 / August 9 – Doing some big things this evening.  Adding GDPR to the site since I don’t want to lose my European family.  Redoing some SEO as well as adding a new wall of busty content creators.  For my desktop viewers, I resized the “Busty Goddess of the Week” so the site is much more feng shui.  You’ll notice that the directory is pretty freaking fast now.  You’re welcome ;). This is all part of the version 6 update.  Lastly, as of this update, we’re passing over 400 busty models, galleries, sites and content creators, love it!  I’ll be doing this in between settlement building in fallout 4, love that game, especially settlement building, haha.

Summer 2021 / July 27 – Ok peeps, revamping and updating my “Busty Reviews” pages, this is part of the Version 6 update.  Also you’ll notice that the front page is redesigned and very minimalistic.  That’s because I know this page loads slow for some of you, so being very minimalistic about my modules.  So a big speed upgrade today as well.

Summer 2021 / July 22 – I forgot to mention that the “Busty Reviews” library will also be worked on and completed next week.  This page is also a part of the Version 6 update.  Also I know this site loads slow for some of you.  I’m sorry, but I wanted to build a “web 3.0” directory to “future proof” against making updates all the time as some of the next gen code I’m using becomes more mainstream.  Basically 5g becoming widely available to the average user.  It’s a slick ass directory for sure, but there is alot of code and media to load, same for our busty tube.  It’s also a reflection of how big our community is getting.  So I apologize if it sucks loading us but if this is the case for you, It’s not my server, it’s your bandwidth..  Thanks for your patronage!

Summer 2021 / July 19 – I’m updating to version 6 today as well as adding a new wall of new Busty Goddesses for you to parse through.  With version 6 is an updated core, an action button redesign, added a “tits of the week” archive, so these busty content creators will always be immortalized and the completion of the busty archive!

Summer 2021 / July 14 – I decided to finish my busty archive content before moving on to the “Classic Busty Models” library, which is the only directory on this site that is still under construction.  I believe this will take me until the end of the year to index, but when finished, it will be quite comprehensive, as is everything else on this Visual Busty Directory.  So the “Busty Archive” library should be complete this evening.  Last thing of note, I am making this images 6 images per row instead of 5, and also adding 5 more sites per page, or a total of 15 instead of 10.  All of this to save on browsing time.

Summer 2021 / July 6 – Hola all, putting up a new wall this evening.  Over 350 busty concepts indexed now for this evening.  Super excited and I love the way this Busty Visual Directory looks!  Nothing really like us on the net, much less this niche.  So yah!  Next week, i’ll be back, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library.

Summer 2021 / June 19 – I’m calling Summer a day early, fuck it, haha.  This year has flown by, amirite?  Ok I’m announcing 2 week updates for all of my directories until I can finish the ones still under construction (including this one) in time for the fall.  So throwing up just a couple of content creators today and I’ll be here, pretty much all next week, working on the “Classic Busty Models” library.  Making some forward progress with this busty directory.  Other than Babes, Big Tits is just a huge niche and we want to represent it all.

Spring 2021 / June 10 – Hey chooms, sorry I’m a couple of days late.  My health has sucked for a minute, so thoughts and prayers please.  Ok, indexing, indexing since I’m here for the next couple of days.  This busty directory will have over 300 indexed by the time I leave.

Spring 2021 / May 25 – Well look at that, we just stepped into Version 5.8.  All visual, baby, cementing our cornerstone on the big badasss, beautiful, visual big titty directory.  Why?  Becuase I give a fuck about this niche, peeps.  These content creators deserve a deliciously beautiful directory to showcase their talents and chests!  Explore, kick the tires, surf this motherfucker and lmk if there are any glitches.  I’ll be working here all night.

Spring 2021 / May 11 – Welcome to Version 5.7, image display upgraded for devices.  New Galleries are now “Image click” to scroll.  Galleries also have a slide show option as well as a built in magnifier with the lightbox now.  Also mobile navigation and the general mobile surfing experience with us is refreshed.  Lastly, some minor design tweaks have also been implemented.

Spring 2021/May 4 – Incremental version update today to 5.6.  I’ve added two pages, “Big Chested FAQs” and “Busty Modeling” for whom those pages might apply to.  Switched the “popular tits” from monthly to weekly.  I am also going to be adding an update log for this busty directory when it is needed.  Finally, I am adding “mini reviews” to the only fans, patreon and model centro models.  I will be doing this as of todays update.  In the future, I’ll be getting to the models that I have indexed thusfar.

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