Kellie Everts was born on July 16, 1945 in Calv near Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Wurttemburg in West Germany. Her family had fled from Lithuania to escape the Communist takeover. In June 1949, Rasa and her family moved to the United States and when she was eight years old they settled on a farm in New Jersey. Blessed with impressive features, Everts won the titles of Miss Nude Universe in July, 1967 by strutting and bouncing around totally nude in front of a totally nude audience, and the Miss Body Beautiful in 1974. She later made nine appearances (with three major articles) in Playboy, and became an exotic dancer. She emerged in 1973 with the idea, that a woman in the adult trade, a stripper, could also be a minister. As a stripper Kellie attracted attention but it was the combination of Stripper and evangelical religious conviction which led to the creation of the “Stripper for God”.

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