Mishhhj, I love your makeup, your feet are definitely “smellable” and omg you’re so freaking pretty!!  God lord, haha.  My first question, why the hell does she only have 33k followers?!?  Her account’s been up for a couple of years.  Hmmm.    My God, I love the way her eyes are shaped.  Oval/ almond is my fav.  Just drippingly beautiful is how I would describe this busty up and coming influencer.  Her beautiful feet, I would take deep inhales of her pheromones.  Goddess that she is.  Yeah check her out, look like and follow, please.  Enjoy the traffic, Goddess.

Summer 2022 Update – yep, still a Goddess.  I love her, omg.

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See Me

44.1k followers @ 7/23

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