My Vein Structure Obsession really started as was breastfeed as a baby, at least on a subconscious level.  I believe that I associated with that during my early years.  The girl I lost my virginity to, in 1985 had DD tits.  I used to sit her in front of my window facing west, so as the sun went down, I could marvel at the way the fading light danced on the vein structure of her tits.  Highlighting each and every line.  Sometimes, I’d gently suck her tits, pretending I was her baby.  Now add to that scenario, the fact that I was already a submissive minded person with women and add to the fact I had that “power dynamic” thing.  In the case of busty women, because their tits are so big, they are more powerful, more “alpha” than flat chested women.  Although in the case of some flat chested women, what they don’t have on the chest, they more than make up for with their pussies.

(…to be continued)

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